As a charity, PER receives all of its funds through fundraising activities, corporate monetary donations, in-kind donations and the goodwill of private individuals.

In addition to the funds received through official sponsors and individual contributions, PER organizes a number of fundraising events throughout the year to help meet our funding target. PER aims at organizing events in which everyone can take part, including the children living in the centers we support.

PER is an association of volunteers who dedicate their time and resources and, as such, it has a few administrative expenditures.

Our 2014/15 yearly budget to carry out our projects is approximately Rp 434 millions.

As of September 2014, PER has allocated 286 million RP for the 2014/15 operating year. Fundraising activities are ongoing in order to ensure sufficient resources for all of PER’s programmes.

Yearly economic reports

Sponsors and friends of PER