Your Company can help

As a private corporation, you can help improve the lives of street children and disadvantaged youth in the greater Jakarta area. By collaborating with the PER, you associate your brand with the values of social responsibility and help project a positive image to better differentiate you from other companies and motivate your employees. We offer you the opportunity to finance a specific project and even choose the category to sponsor. For more information, please contact us.


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Platinum  Sponsor > 50MRp

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Silver Sponsor  > 10MRp

Why help us?

PER operates under the guiding principle that every child and youth has the fundamental and universal right to protection, care, education, food and development.
PER is registered with Jakarta’s BKKKS (Badan Koordinasi Kegiatan Kesejahteraan Sosial), which falls under the authority of the Department of Social Services.
  • 82 millions of children and youngs, 1/3 de la population
  • 2 million children live without their parents for one reason or another
  • 230,000 street children in the country including 8,000 in the city of Jakarta
  • 400 children under 5 die each day, most of them are marginalized children victim of easily treatable deases
  • 67% of children under 5 years have a birth certificate, the other children do not officially exist
  • 44% of the population only have completed a secondary or higher education

Bank account

    Asosiasi Pour les enfants de la rue 
    Mandiri Bank Kantor Cabang Fatmawati 12700 Jakarta
    Account No. 127-00-0608164-8

Everyone can make a difference

There are many possible ways to contribute to the efforts of the PER to improve the lives of children in greater Jakarta.

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