Project : Student Sponsorship

Indonesian youth, comprising a total of 82 million is a potential determinant for the future development of Indonesia. However, further support is needed for the most disadvantaged, who fall below the radar of the system especially in continuing with higher education where academic abilities and motivations are encouraged. This project strives to give the opportunity to study for 8 young women and men from disadvantaged families, who have shown potential and talent at the high school level, and are pursuing higher education.

The sponsorship provides for the financing of educational-related costs and other supports, such as transportation and housing, without which these young people

The project is in line with previous years with continued support to five students: two young women and three young men. PER has budgeted-in the extension of this project for 3 additional candidates. Selected candidates may come from one the centers from the Child Centres Project or, based on recommendations from high schools in Jakarta.

Project for sponsorship of young disadvantaged students in the urban area of Jakarta, Indonesia
  • General objective:
    Improving economic prospects through education of disadvantaged youth in the urban area of Jakarta
  • Specific objective:
    To provide the means and opportunity toward higher education for promising students (at least 8)
  • Annual cost: Rp 95.320.000
  • As of September 2014, for the current operational year, PER has committed 61 million RP for 5 students. PER is seeking to raise more funds for this project, in order to sponsor more candidates, and to ensure continuity of the projects for the coming years.
    An annual agreement is signed between the candidate and PER.
  • 1: Higher education of young women and men is ensured
  • 2: Living conditions of the youth are strengthened
  • R. Dimas, 20, certainly the most talented and promising student we have sponsored. He has maintained an above-average academic record, and has received a number of prizes at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), one of the most prestigious universities in Indonesia. Coming from a very modest family, his father is a driver, he has an exemplary school record, and was awarded a scholarship to ITB. However, with family based in Jakarta, and the university in Bandung, Dimas was unable to pay for his accommodation and daily financial needs, which is now covered by PER. Dimas is currently applying for a scholarship for a Master’s Degree in the UK. He is specializing in Telecommunications. His hobbies include badminton and going to the cinema.
  • Sarah Y. 19, is studying at the Public Polytechnic School of Jakarta, with PER covering her tuition and transportation fees. Being from a poor family, her parents were unable to pay for her studies, but did not discourage their daughter. An ambitious young woman, Sarah would like to work in the Ministry of Finance to help improve the economy of her country, but above all, would like to improve her parents’ situation. She also likes to travel, but unfortunately she hasn’t had much of a chance for now.
  • Y. Vicky 19, also studies at the Public Polytechnic School of Jakarta. An excellent student, she still hesitates between becoming a writer or a creative entrepreneur. She is fatherless, and her mother works as a housekeeper, earning a minimum salary. Vicky would be unable to pursue higher education without PER’s support. She particularly enjoys reading novels, listening to music and following the news.
  • Bayu S. 19, is a student at the B.S.I. Salemba, a professional school of accounting, banking and IT. Bayu, an orphan, lives at the Nusantara Centre, which is also supported by PER. He maintains good grades and wants to work in corporate strategy. He likes to read almost any type of novels except science fiction; he also enjoys swimming and Football.
  • Dedi Z. 21, also studies at BSI Salemba. He was brought to Nusantara Centre by his parents, who could no longer afford to feed another mouth. Also a good student, he has yet to decide which career to focus on, but he is motivated to continue his studies. Dedi particularly enjoys sport: jogging, swimming, in-door football.
  • Currently looking for 3 candidates