Project : Child Centres

This project supports five Centres for disadvantaged and stigmatized children and youth, located in the Jakarta metropolitan area. They support some 250 girls and boys aged 3 months to 22 years, mostly from the urban area of Jakarta or from Java, but also from throughout the whole country. The Centres provide immediate access to their basic rights, while giving them the means to build a better future for themselves and becoming independent adults.

The Nusantara, Mizan Amanah Cipete, KDM and Emmanuel Centres provide orphans, street or very poor children with a stable home, nourishing food, adapted care, and monitored education.

The Citra Baru Centre arranges and sponsors surgery for underprivileged children suffering from cranio-facial deformities (i.e. cleft lip) and provides temporary accommodation.

To improve the care given to children, PER’s assistance provides for: financial support for daily operational needs; support for schooling, and general educational needs for the children. This support is essential, without it most of these centres are unable to accommodate children within acceptable conditions. Thanks to the intervention of volunteers who provide language courses, sports / cultural activities, hygiene and sanitary awareness, they are able to contribute to the education and enlightenment of children. The PER committee maintains regular liaison with the Centres and ensures the proper use of its aid, its impact and to inquire further about each centre’s individual needs and requirements.

This project enhances and formalizes PER’s programmes in line with their continuous support over the past 14 years to the Centers. Some additional activities are planned, depending on funding levels, to increase support for school fees, building rehabilitation, and documentation requirements (i.e. birth certificates).

Support Project for Children and Youth Centres in disadvantaged urban areas of Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Overall objective:
    Improve living conditions and future prospects of children and disadvantaged youth
  • Specific objective:
    Improve the educational care, health and daily life of children in the Nusantara, Emmanuel, Citra Baru, KDM and Mizan Amanah centres
  • Annual cost: IDR 339 million
 As of September 2014, PER has committed 225 million RP for the current operational year. In order to successfully launch all our programmes, PER continues to maintain fundraising activities and ensure sufficient funding requirements. Currently, 150 million Rp has been allocated to the running costs of the centres; 54 million Rp towards education and empowerment; and, 20 million Rp for sport and cultural activities. Each centre receives between 31 and 56 million Rp per year.

  • The 5 Centres are currently registered with the Department of Social Services and/or the Department of Law and Human Rights.
  • Each Centre has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PER.
  • 1: The daily operation and the ability to support Centres are reinforced
  • 2: The education and empowerment of children and youth are provided
  • 3: The athletic, artistic and cultural abilities of children and young people are developed.
  • 4: Health education of children and young people is improved
  • 5: The association network for children and underprivileged youth in Jakarta is reinforced
  • Yayasan Nusantara (Kuningan, Jakarta):
    This home supports 23 disadvantaged boys aged 8 to 21 from across the country.
  • Yayasan KDM (Bekasi):
    A large centre which hosts, rehabilitates and educates 79 street and abandoned children, aged 1 to 20 years.
  • Yayasan Emmanuel (Bogor):
    The “Nicolas” Orphanage accommodates 10 orphaned boys and girls, originally from Jakarta and surrounding areas. Now aged 8-13 years, they were brought together 10 years ago and now form a family.
  • Yayasan Citra Baru (Kemang, Jakarta):
    A foundation that coordinates and supports surgery for infants, children and young people with cranio-facial malformations, tumours and 3rd degree burns. In 2013, 120 children from all around Indonesia received surgery and were provided accomodation by this centre during their stay.
  • Yayasan Mizan Cipete (Cipete, Jakarta):
    Full support of 17 underprivileged children aged 6 to 14.
Some statistics of our beneficiaries
  • Number and gender:
    The 5 Centres accommodate a total of 100 girls and 150 boys (Note that Nusantara is a male-only establishment).
  • Age:
    39 % of the children are less then 4 years old, most of whom are in Citra Baru. Around 19% are 5 to 10 years old; 30% are 11 to 16; and approximately 12% are older than 16 years (with the oldest being 22 years old).
  • Origins:
    – 43%of the children originate from Jakarta, or the greater Jakarta areas, while 41% are from Java, and another 16% from other islands.
    – 12 girls and 40 boys are accommodated at KDM, a center for street children.
    – 10 orphans are currently housed at the orphanage, Emmanuel Foundation.
  • Education (except Citra Baru):
    The majority (58%) of the children are attending primary school. 10% of the children are at elementary school, 10% middle school, 15% hight school. Two of the students have opted for higher studies (see Sponsoring project)
  • Health (Citra Baru):
    The children at Citra Baru receive surgeries for craniofacial malformations, where 73% of the children were operated on for cleft lip or palate. 12% children are operated on for an Hemangioma or another tumor, and a small percentage for an Hydrocephalus, burns, etc.